Private investigator unlocks African murder inquiry

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Private investigator unlocks African murder inquiry

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AFRICA: Private investigator Nick Gregor was able to unearth new information on the murder of Australian national Elly Warren in the Mozambique village of Tofo. Elly Warren had travelled to Mozambique in 2016 as a tourist on a diving and volunteering program. During a night out with friends, she was tragically killed with her body discovered laying on the beach by a fisherman at 5AM the following morning.

Despite clear injuries to Elly's body which indicated a violent struggle, local police detectives sat on the case and did virtually nothing for 4 years. Police detectives were not able to identify the culprits or shed light on the turn of events which lead to her passing; they instead repeated a farfetched story that Elly had fallen over on the beach and choked to death by ingesting sand, despite there being evidence contradicting this alleged turn of events. Desperate for answers and justice for his daughter, Elly's father Paul Warren spent $50,000 on research
before turning to private investigator Nick Gregor for help.

Nick Gregor, a reformed neo-Nazi and a born again Christian, has built up a network of contacts across Africa over a number of years, and was eager to volunteer his services in the case. As a white man and a foreigner, Nick decided that making inquiries in the area himself would attract unwanted attention and instead he used Zoom to interview sex workers in the local area, ultimately finding a suitable candidate to help work on the case on his behalf.

After recruiting a local female, Nick planted her in the area near to where the killing took place. After mingling with local gangsters and drug lords, Nick's tactic eventually paid off, with the sex worker recording clear audio of a drug kingpin cryptically admitting to a role in the killing.

The drug lord was thought to have killed Elly, alongside one of his henchmen, after a botched robbery attempt. Local police in Mozambique are believed to have covered up the killing in an attempt to avoid negative publicity and the potential effect this might have had on their local tourism industry. Their investigation was described as farcical, with key evidence disappearing or not properly collected in the first place.

After four years of inaction from the authorities in Mozambique and Australia, it took Nick just 1 month to identify the suspects responsible, gather a taped confession from them, and shed light on Elly's last moments before her life was cruelly taken.

After conducting the investigation, Nick's agent was forced to flee the area out of concerns for her safety. Commenting on the case, Nick Gregor said the following:
"It didn't make sense to send a white person there because they would garner too much attention and the locals who live in fear of these gangs and are not going to say anything, so I come up with a plan to recruit a local woman to befriend the prime suspect."

After speaking to several people in the area through his local resource, Nick said that they were "not bad enough and not ruthless enough". But he eventually found a suitable candidate. "She comes from the kind of environment where killers and gangsters are not a rare thing," Mr Greger said. "So when I described the mission she was not scared at all. She was absolutely relaxed."

Sysop comments: In a continent plagued by police corruption and inadequacies, this case serves as another demonstration of the effectiveness of private investigators in Africa.

Sources: Daily Mail, Donal Macintyre documentary featuring Gregor
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Re: Private investigator unlocks African murder inquiry

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He seems like quite a character.
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